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Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions in Chesapeake, Virginia

Miller's Overhead Door in Chesapeake, Virginia, invites you to review our answers to garage door frequently asked questions. We think you will find them helpful.

What Kind Of Springs Do I Have On My Door?

There are three common types of springs: Extension Spring, Torsion Spring, and Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring.

               Extension Spring                                     Torsion Spring


              Wayne Dalton Torquemaster System

We do not repair broken TorqueMaster Springs.  We can convert the garage door to a standard Extension or Torsion Spring System.

When Should I Replace My Door?
First, inspect your door. Does it sag when it's raised? Do the rollers catch or drag when it's raised or lowered? Is the door cracked, split, dented, or rusted? Is it safe? Is it securely installed?

The garage door is often one of the first things someone sees when visiting your home. So, in addition to the safety and condition of the door itself, consider how it affects the overall appearance and value of your home.

What Types of Doors Are Available?
Wood: The natural beauty of wood is a classic touch. Wood doors are available in flush or raised panel Masonite® or raised panel redwood.

Garage Door - Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions in Chesapeake, VA

Carriage House: Even though the days of horse drawn carriage are gone, you can still have the illusion of an old-fashioned carriage house door on your home today.

Steel: Nothing beats the strength and durability of steel. These doors are available in wood-grained raised panels, flush face, and pre-painted in white, brown, almond, sandstone, or hunter green (color availability depends on model). Insulation is optional.

Vinyl: Vinyl is for the homeowner looking for a virtually kid-proof and low maintenance door. The vinyl door will not peel, mildew, chalk, or rust.

Can I Have Windows on My Door?
Absolutely. All of our doors are available with windows, and most are also available with decorative designs to complement your home. We offer many popular designs, including sun ray top and wagon wheel. Tinted windows are also available.

What Garage Door Opener Do You Recommend?
Chamberlain®, the world's largest manufacturer of openers. They make our LiftMaster® garage door openers. They are available in full chain, belt, and screw drives.

Garage Door - Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions in Chesapeake, VA

To protect children and pets, our openers come with the new reverse photocell safety beam, which automatically stops the door from closing when it detects something in its path. The openers are available in 1/3 and 1/2 horsepower and are all UL-approved.

What Maintenance Is Required?
As with any piece of mechanical equipment, garage doors do require some regular maintenance and periodic service. Moving parts should be oiled with a lightweight lubricant, we recommend and stock Garage Door and Opener Spray Lube, to ensure smooth movement and long life.

To protect them from weather damage, wood doors should be repainted and caulked yearly.
Each month, inspect the door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other parts for signs of wear. If you suspect a problem, call a qualified dealer for service.

What Are Some Garage Door Safety Tips?
Keep hands and fingers clear of section joints, the roller track, and other parts while the door is opening or closing. Garage door springs and cables, as well as the hardware attached to the springs, are under very high tension. If handled improperly, these parts can cause serious injury.

Only a qualified repair person should adjust the springs on your garage door. Do not allow children to play with or operate the garage door.

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